Welcome to the new D & H Automotive Website !

Post in: General, by RnDhAdmin on July 11th, 2016


We would like to welcome you to the new web site for D & H Automotive. Here you can find some history and most importantly our contact information!

We will be adding more information as time goes by, however don’t forget to checkout our social links for FaceBook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

If you have any question about your vehicle needing repair please call us today at 530-221-4132 to schedule an appointment.


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  1. Hi, this is a Danny From Redding Network.

    We are currently developing the DnHAutomotive.com website. If at any time you find an error or you would like to see more or different content. Please feel free to let us know by calling 530-605-0077 and referencing the DnHAutomotive.com website

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