Black Death Equals Auto A/C Repair

Post in: Auto Repair Redding, by RnDhAdmin on September 12th, 2016

he blackness you see is “Black Death” and an auto A/C repair is needed immediately. That is what you are seeing in the picture above.What is going on is,Teflon rings inside the compressor are breaking up and deteriorating and getting caught at the orifice tube/expansion valve. At that point in the auto A/C system, the pressure changes from high to low and the temperature changes just like the pressure too.

You know, an auto A/C repair is the last thing on our minds during the cooler months, but when the temp starts to climb we trust that our auto A/C system will perform well.  The question is, how do you know if your Auto A/C system is performing well?

For good measure, just take your vehicle into an automotive repair shop, like D and H Automotive located at 1270 Hartnell Ave #C Redding, CA. Phone # 530-221-4132. I’m not just saying that to get your business(I really am), auto A/C repairs are more common than you think. It’s wise to take your car to an automotive shop annually to have the auto A/C system evaluated for the season to come. You will be better off, I promise you.
One customer came in the other day because her auto A/C system wasn’t working.  Prior to her finally bringing her vehicle into the pros, she bought 2 cans of Freon at the store and over charged her system. The real problem was the compressor. Don’t try to fix it yourself, first take it to the pros.

Also, by not checking your auto A/C system regularly, could be hazerdous to your health.  What? I bet you weren’t thinking of that point. Huh? Let’s think about it for a second, what actually keeps us cold when we run our auto A/C system? Freon.

Freon is a GAS that is pumped into the compressor and gets really hot then cooled by the time it gets to the evaporator. The blower then does its job, blowing the coolness in your vehicle. Sometimes though things break. Parts break and you are going to need to have it, auto A/C repaired by the professionals. Unless you are a mechanic with experience in auto A/C repairs and you have the proper tools and equipment, don’t attempt to do this work yourself. It’s more hassle than its worth.

If you have any doubt in your mind that your auto A/C system probably is not working correctly, have the pros at D and H Automotive service your auto A/C repair. Life is too busy to hassle with trying to fix an auto A/C repair yourself and most likely you don’t know what the hell you are doing anyways. D and H Automotive has everything to handle any auto A/C repair. For example today a long time customer brought her vehicle in to have the auto A/C sysytem checked out. The woman was her at the shop for probably 20 minutes and she was done. All that needed to done was to hook the compressor to a machine called A/C recovery/recharge system and recharge it.

Auto A/C Repairs Come In All Shapes And Sizes

One customer needed to have  the condenser replaced. This sort of auto A/C repair is best handled by the guys at D and H Automotive in Redding California. What they will do is first hook the Auto A/C system to the recovery and recharge equipment to recover the Freon(store it) so the condenser can be replaced. You can’t just take off the condenser and put another one on. It’s not good environmental practices to do that.

Another customer needed a hose replaced. The auto A/C repair process is the same. Got to recover/ vacuum or store the Freon while the auto A/C system is being repaired. Hook up to the recovery and recharge machine to store the Freon while the pros replace the hoses needed.

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