HOT Summers Making You Sweat?- Automotive A/C System

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HOT Summers Making You Sweat?- Automotive A/C System

Around the world there are places to live that get pretty darn warm regularly, like Redding, California. Last few summers in Redding, we’ve had some triple digits. Now that’s hot man. There is one thing I hate most when the temperatures are high, you want to know what that is? It’s getting into a vehicle that has been parked, you know, while you are going shopping. That initial sit down in your car is like you just jump into a stove that has been preheated to 400 degrees. MAN. Luckily, it’s only for a little bit, because you immediately turn on your automotive A/C system full blast. YES. That’s what I’m talking about. You see, you are sitting pretty right now because you scheduled to have your automotive A/C system serviced before the temperatures get too hot, like in March and April.
You can get your vehicle’s automotive A/C system serviced at D and H Automotive, located at 1270 Hartnell Ave #C, Redding California. If you need to call # 530-221-4132.

Annual Check of Your Automotive A/C system

It’s always a good idea to take your vehicle into D and H Automotive repair shop every year and have the professionals take a look at your Automotive A/C system. There’s good reasons why you should…….

  • If your car is on the older side, there might be a possibility of faulty seals. The seals tend to dry out and crack thus refrigerant is escaping and you have a leak that needs to be fixed.
  • When you have a leak in your automotive A/C system, you are not just leaking refrigerant. You are leaking oil from your compressor. Compressors have very little oil in the units and when that oil is gone… is your compressor. Cha-Ching!
  • In some cases the evaporators and condensers over time, get little tiny holes in them and they leak refrigerant. They need to be replaced. Also, another very important point to make, if your evaporator is leaking refrigerant, you are actually breathing Freon from your vents. Not good.
  • In many automotive A/C systems the compressor will not turn on if the refrigerant is low due to the “low pressure safety switch” which prevents the compressor clutch from engaging. The switch protects the compressor from possible damage caused by a lack of lubrication.

It’s really simple folks. This spring bring your vehicle into the guys at D and H Automotive and have the pros take a look and make sure that your automotive A/C system is in good working condition for you and your family this HOT summer. You know it’s coming too. Without a doubt, the summer here in Redding, California is going to be hot. The question….is your automotive A/C system ready for the challenge.

Automotive A/C Systems are simple really

In time, automotive A/C systems have evolved. There is 2 types of systems, which are configured slightly different with a few different parts. Both of the systems are exactly the same except for, one has a expansion valve and the other has a orifice. Both work the same, produce the same results when they are in good working condition.

It’s interesting how an Automotive A/C system actually works. Automotive A/C system works starting at the compressor, condenser, receiver drier, expansion valve, evaporator, back to the compressor. Along with lines connecting everything.

Ok,…put this into perspective what I’m about to say. Visualize it. When you turn on your automotive A/C system. It all starts at the compressor, which compresses the gas(Freon, R12 or R134a)really hot and then the gases travel through the lines through the condenser through the receiver drier through expansion valve and/or orifice tube through evaporator and then the blower blows the coolness off the evaporator and that’s what you feel coming out of the vents keeping you cool this summer. From there, it continues through the lines either to accumulator and back to the compressor and it continues to cycle.

Let the pros take a look, diagnose and get you back on the road comfortably this summer. So, if you are in doubt about your automotive A/C system bring your car down to D and H Automotive at 1270 Hartnell Ave #C, Redding, CA 96002.

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