Inspection Tips by Automotive AC Repair Experts

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The most common hassle we’re use to face with our vehicle is the cooling problem. It happens all of sudden that we fail to understand the exact reason. No matter how well we maintain our vehicle, one fine morning you suddenly you find the automotive AC system is blowing warm air, and you become so confused where to look for to find out the problem. Hence, some valuable tips are given by experts from automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA how you can do an initial inspection to sort out the problem area.

Automotive ac repair experts check the compressor

Professionals of automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA suggest conducting a thorough inspection of the different components i.e. belts, the hoses and the related connection of your auto air conditioner since it can happen from a number of things. If everything found okay in the components, next step is to do a visual inspection of the AC compressor. It is not an easy task on some vehicles as they are built in such a way that you find it difficult to locate its whereabouts of the compressor.

In addition, you may need a flexible automotive inspection-type mirror that is used to see into some tight spots and allow you to find out what’s exactly going on in any particular are. You probably don’t have to keep such instrument in your vehicle as it can be found in any reputed automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA.

Once you check the compressor, next look for the compressor clutch itself. An air gap can be found in the compressor clutch, and the bearing face and you have to inspect that the clutches” air gap for its recommended spacing.  A particular kit known as slide is required to measure the air gap. The suggested air gap is not thinner the 0.014” and not greater than 0.030”.

Expert technicians from automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA also give some extra emphasis on AC hose factor following a compressor failure. As most of the trash ends up in the condenser, it’s possible to migrate some from here to other parts of the system. Also, some can be thrown back to the suction hose from the compressor’s intake port. If this hose jammed by such garbage, your automotive AC may stop working.


Automotive ac repair experts check the radiator

Once you found the compressor clutch and the compressor in good condition, the next step is to check the front of the condenser for any type if air flow or wreckage and any kind of obstacles that could restrict the smooth air flow through the condenser and into the radiator. Professionals of automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA usually suggest a suitable torch light that can be use for visual inspection of the radiator and condenser. However, most vehicles usually need to remove the plastic cowl on the front of the radiator and then to look down in between the components. If you found the condenser excessively rusty or the radiator is too damaged, then you may think of replacing them immediately.


Automotive ac repair experts check the refrigerant leak

It might not possible for you to check the refrigerant leak without taking help from any professional because the refrigerant need to be removed for conducting a thorough inspection for finding any leak. But, the experts from automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA shares some helpful knowledge about diagnosing a refrigerant leak.

Usually, there are two different kinds of leaks may happen to the refrigerant – active and passive. Active leaks are much easier than any passive leaks to locate. It is a continuous leak that an electronic leak detector can find it quickly. According to an expert technician of automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA, active leaks can happen for different reasons  like corrosion porosity on a refrigerant line, crack in the compressor line, shaft seal and body seal, damage of refrigerant line and debris trapped between O-ring or sealing.

On the other hand, passive leaks are holes that occur more often than you think, and as a result of that, changes in pressure, temperature, and vibration occur. The electric leak detector is proved less useful to detect such leak whereas using an ultraviolet leak detection dye found as more effective at finding this kind of leak.
You may able to find the exact cause of trouble suddenly occurred in your vehicle, but it is always advisable to take your vehicle to the nearby shop or any trusted automotive AC repair shops in Redding CA to conduct a thorough diagnosis and fix the problem. Even if you plan to recharge your AC Freon, you should take help from the experts as it involves some safety issues.


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