Prevent Costly Repairs By Having Your Auto A/C System Checked

Post in: Auto Repair Redding, by RnDhAdmin on September 12th, 2016

So, imagine you are driving down a long desert highway, ignoring the fact that it’s 120 degrees outside because you have your auto A/C going full blast in your face. Ahhh that sounds like a nice place to be huh? But wait. All of a sudden your air conditioner system starts to blow hot air. Oh no! What are you going to do now? My suggestion would be to roll down the windows, it’s getting hot in here!

“Now, what you need to do is get your butt down to your locally owned automotive repair shop, D and H Automotive.” They are right here in Redding California at 1270 Hartnell Ave #C or call us at 530-221-4132. We will be your heroes this summer when the heat is beating down on you and your auto A/C repair.

Norm Hastings, owner of D and H Automotive, has been doing automotive repairs for 30 years. That’s all Norm Hastings knows, so have confidence in his ability to take care of all your automotive repairs. Plus, he has a partner by the name of Shane Massey who also has 13 years experience and he handles business.

Did you take your vehicle there yet? The problem just might be, you have a leak from one of the many hoses which Freon is escaping and polluting our air. There is a chance that your ac repair just needs to be recharged, meaning that the folks at D and H Automotive will use their automotive repair magic and pump in some more Freon. Automotive A/C system repairs can be pretty pricy, depending on what exactly the issue is. To have your auto A/C system recharged is very affordable for you.

Look, I don’t know anything when it comes to automotive repair, I’m  the marketer. But, when it comes to car trouble and especially your auto A/C systems, and if you live in a HOT place like Redding California, I take all of my vehicles to guys at D and H Automotive repair shop.

You know, you see these commercials on TV advertising cans of Freon that you do it yourself. Now I want you to think about that, the possibility to fix your auto A/C system all by yourself. Don’t do that!

You’re thinking why not? You are not a professional car mechanic so how do you know exactly what the problem is anyways. By you just giving your auto A/C system a recharge and not diagnosing first, you might be doing more harm than good. Picture this scenario, if your automotive A/C system is just being recharge and the real problem is, you have a leaky hose and overtime you are losing oil, not to mention Freon in the ozone, from your auto A/C system. The oil in your auto A/C system is very little to begin with. You probably didn’t know that. So you see, it’s crucial to have your auto A/C system diagnosed correctly and by THE PROFESSIONALS. They have specialized equipment that checks for all that could go wrong in your auto ac system.

Honestly, I have learned so much from doing little research that I have a better grasp understanding how an automotive A/C system really works.

My hope is that this article helped you understand how your automotive A/C system works and how important it is to have your auto A/C system every year. So without further ado, a good idea, would be to take your vehicle into D and H Automotive this month and get your auto A/C system checked so you can enjoy a cool summer.

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