Some Things To Consider To Avoid A Costly Auto A/C Repair

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Most People Don’t Think About An Auto A/C Repair

Most people don’t think about an auto A/C repair, they’re just too damn busy with their lives, juggling work, kids and anything else that gets in the way. Kids got basketball, softball or whatever else.

Some people have their whole life on a schedule and they are busy all the time and the last thing you want to hassle with is an auto A/C repair. Let the pros at D and H Automotive take a look at it for you. They have all the right tools to do the job right so you and your family can keep cool this summer.

Evidence Pointing To An Auto A/C Repair

Let me tell a few things to keep an eye out for that might lead to an auto A/C repair. When you run your auto A/C system does the temperature go hot and cold? First, you need to have your auto A/C system check or evaluated by the pros with the right tools to diagnose correctly. Just like you would go to your doctor if something wasn’t right with you. Sometimes the refrigerant or Freon is critically low which won’t allow the compressor to turn on. The pressure switch. Diagnosis……fill up and recharge the automotive A/C system. Maybe???

Why do I say maybe you ask? There can be a ton of reasons that your compressor won’t turn on. The auto A/C repair could be relays, sensors, wiring, or a fuse. First and always first, have the pros hook your vehicle to their machine, take a few tests and checks to find out what is really going on.
A woman brought her car in the other day because the auto A/C system not working.Even after she bought 2 cans Freon you would buy at the auto parts store. You see, it wasn’t the Freon that was the issue, it was the compressor that needed to be replace.
Again, you want to take your car, truck, vehicle down to Norm Hastings and Shane Massey, the professionals at D and H Automotive in Redding 1270 Hartnell Ave #C to properly diagnose the auto A/C repair.

State Of The Art Equipment To Handle Any Auto A/C Repair

Here are some gauges automotive technicians sometimes use to check the pressure in your auto A/C system. That is typical for an auto A/C repair. These days, in modern times, an auto A/C repair starts with a machine, we call an A/C recovery and recharge machine. And of course we fill your ac system with Freon R134a which replaced R12. R12 was classified BAD for our ozone by the government and for good reasons.

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